Handmade heirloom woodworks from batch-milled urban trees
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Fort Collins woodworker turns urban waste into treasure

The Greeley Tribune

July, 6 2011

By Chris Casey
ccasey [at] greeleytribune [dot] com

It’s been more than six years, but Ryan Baldwin still remembers the grain pattern and century ring in a historic ash tree that once graced the Platteville Public Library.

“It had been pretty beat up over time and had a hard life, but we got to processing it and found it had tight grains,” said Baldwin, owner of Baldwin Custom Woodworking in Fort Collins. “It had beautiful wood in it — probably 1,000 board feet of material out of that tree.”

Gone, but not forgotten

Loveland Reporter-Herald
July 2, 2011

Gone, but not forgotten - Oak tree cut down for library expansion becomes boardroom table

By Shelley Widhalm, Reporter-Herald Staff

LOVELAND, Colo. - A large white oak tree that once graced the Loveland Public Library property will become the conference table for the library boardroom.

Brendle Group uses recycled wood in headquarters building

FORT COLLINS, COLO. - Earlier this year we collaborated with the Brendle Group, a Fort Collins-based environmental engineering consulting firm, on using recyled urban wood in their new headquarters building.

The project involved miling an American Elm tree that had to be removed as they remodeled and expanded the building. Rather than sending the tree to the landfill or turning it into firewood, we milled it into lumber that is employed in the design highlights throughout the building (like the wood beams pictured above).